I have finally finished this new altered art vintage lady fabric block.  This one is gorgeous in color and design but does not look her best due to watermarks, which I hate but it is so necessary in my business to stop download theft.  You can still see her beauty though.  She is listed over at Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks for sale.

fabric block vintage lady in feather hat

 It is getting colder today.   Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks is located in North Carolina.  Our weather isn't too drastic like up north but we are cold natured:)  So, when it dives into the low 40's, I freeze.  Too bad the weather doesn't change gradually so we can adjust as it is changing.

Well, can we ever have things exactly the way we want them?  I know I don't - at least not all of the time.

A busy day for me.  I have to finish designing a few fabric blocks and then we will be getting ready to leave for the day tomorrow.  My granddaughter, Cass, who is 13, will be in her first Tae Kwon Do tournament tomorrow.  Then next week she will test for Black Belt.  That is a real honor.  She is so excited.  She has worked very hard for this great achievement.

In the mean time, I have two spoiled rotten cats who are hanging around my ankles as I sit here typing this.  That means GIVE ME SOME ATTENTION.  Yeah, right.  As if they don't get enough.

Well, I guess I better get off here and go get my hair cut and styled.  Then off for my flu shot.  I am running late this year.  I usually have it in September.

Wish me luck.  Don't forget to read about our fabric blocks contest below.

I wish everyone a blessed and happy weekend!


Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks at is offering a contest to their customers. This contest includes customers who buy from our website and our etsy customers who buy from either of our etsy sites:   FABRICBLOCKS or QUILTFABRICBLOCKS.

Get in on the action.  There will be three winners chosen.  Go to our website and find out more.

Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks is still continuing their fabric blocks sale!  You can buy beautiful fabric blocks at unbelievable prices! See for yourself.

We will keep you informed on this page of any sales or news about our fabric blocks.

We print fabric blocks - quilt blocks from vintage mermaid postcards, vintage merbaby book illustrations, vintage mermaid advertisements, vintage mermaid trade cards, and other vintage mermaid images.   We also design our own OOAK vintage mermaid and vintage merbaby fabric blocks.

You can use our fabric blocks quilt blocks for the craft of your choice.  You may glue or sew - your preference onto tote bags, pillows, aprons, t-shirts and anything else your crafty little mind can imagine.  I even frame them after embellishing with Venice lace, Swarovski rhinestones, crushed shells, pearls, and even sand!  There is not limit as to the beautiful crafts you can make with our quilt blocks.  You know they are timeless treasures printed onto fabric blocks for you and they will one day become priceless family heirlooms.

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